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Cod Widow's Diary Week 26

By: Chez Osborne
Date: 03/04/2001

MON 26TH MARCH. Nothing happening today.In fact, its been a rather quiet weekend all round.Even sadman hasn't done or said anything out of the ordinary. Looks like its going to be a quiet week.

MON 26TH MARCH. Nothing happening today.In fact, its been a rather quiet weekend all round.Even sadman hasn't done or said anything out of the ordinary. Looks like its going to be a quiet week. Wed 28th March.

We have a huge problem in sadman land. After last week's outburst about 'Karen cam' and baby Jay we got a letter from their solicitors this morning. It clearly states that I had no rights calling her a 'slag' and I should apologise immediately.

Well, Karen, I am truly sorry for upsetting you, what I should have said is that you are the "bike of stoke". Now we all know that's true so don't send any more letters please. We also know that Evo is a docker and doesn't do any real work, cards and tea drinking is his only skill.

Thurs 29th March. Still cant believe it, sadman's having a good week so far. I can't find anything to complain about, it's ruining my diary. Let's hope he does some thing soon.

Friday 3Oth March. Sadman's in deep sh*t, bit like Town. It's all going pear shaped here, after the letter from Karen's solicitor we now have one from the CSA. If he doesn't deny it soon I won't be able to go shopping. It's very stressful living with saddo so shopping is my only therapy.

Their letter quotes last week's diary as evidence. Jay looks like Nicko, he calls him dad and he does all the things that Nicko does, i.e. slops his dinner down himself, pees his pants, gurgles and talks to himself all the time. I don't mind all that but the last straw was when saddo said he wanted to go back to breast feeding, cheeky twat. (No chance of that anyway sadman, that's a job for Richard Gere).

Sat 31st March. Its matchday and its really quiet, it's the quietest its ever been for months. The reason? Cos sadman's gone to Norwich. He went on the coach for a change, leaving at 9.OOam. It's brilliant. I get a whole day in peace. I can feel a shopping spree coming on, hehehehehehe. Let's hope he doesn't check his bank balance while he's out.

Well its been a rather quiet week so I'm off.



Its that 'did I really say that' moment.

I was out with Karen and Evo in their car a while ago. When I got in the car I noticed they had got a personalised stereo, like you do with number plates. I asked if we could do that with ours, they said do what? I said get a private stereo like yours, having a stereo with 'CAS' on it was cool. They didn't stop laughing for ages. It means cassette dopey. DOH!.

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