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POM Table Game 9

By: Rob Sedgwick
Date: 20/09/2001

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The overall POM table after 9 games (updated 16-Sep-2001) is as follows.
Note that the column totals are in points, and only non-zero scores are shown.

Simon Brown9121066548
Alan Bristow9106661047
Lee Woods981229545
Max Power9101046544
Mike Oakes881066543
Adrian Small861266543
Mike Hazzard88849542
Nick Osborne912826542
Andy Lumbard910863541
David Riley761049541
Robert Winn861246541
Dale Walmsley961046540
Don Wilkes961046540
Thomas Winn88649540
Andy G910843539
Mick Saunders988103038
Paul Walster9101009038
David Whincup96666538
Tony Cowling98866037
Brian Hostad88646537
Nick Johnson981023537
Dave Matson988012037
Steff Keightley98649036
Nathan Smith910683036
Phil Taylor861061536
Colin Law96866035
Gary Spate910826035
Evo  910429034
Craig Ashworth76669034
Steve Brumpton98863034
Dave Grest96649034
Red Hat98863034
Niel Horsewood910483034
Melvyn Thurlby812446034
Karl Formstone910266033
Tim Hubbard941226033
Dan Humphrey810429033
Jonathan Parkes86464533
Robert Penketh68446533
Dave Clark88646032
Keith Collins910823032
Michael Jarvis96863032
Steve Johnson810806032
Alan Wilkinson84843532
Nigel Winn88623532
Steve  98860031
Christine Bingley910426031
Stu Bingley941206031
Ed Blackbourn96646031
Mike Dunderdale78466031
Sue Firth96623531
Matt Foster-Smith88663031
Andy Johnson710423531
Stuart Middlecoate98680031
Matt Oldham910426031
Ian Parratt94864031
Shaun Allen96663030
Emma Gillingham912243030
Alex Grayson98643030
Paul  88823029
Billy Casper961040029
Martin Copassm76826029
Gareth Drakes78860029
Rachel Jarvis96446029
Brian Robinson98660029
Rob Sedgwick96626029
Dean Wilkinson88643029
Moggy  74629028
Paulo  86626028
Nigel Beane78409028
Roy Crampton86446028
Ed Fleet94843028
Donal Hunt861040028
Bill Osborne810406028
Graham Scott821026028
Adam Welch78463028
Antony Chaplin610623027
Steve Cherrington78426027
Jostein Jensen98046027
Paul Ketchley941220027
Mike Worden88623027
Pat Bell98423026
Roger Swindells98423026
Eddie Burdass92626025
Tim Crampin74626025
Bill Sedgwick86623025
Michael Shelton72826025
Lindsay Warren98620025
Uncle Buck68640024
Ian Fitzgerald74823024
Andrew MacLeod 96621024
Gary Allwood88241023
Stuart Lofas84803023
Stu Morton96404023
Chris Parker910400023
Mertle  72463022
Bar Larder66406022
Stevan Tranter86620022
Ian Walton66406022
Hurton  610203021
Simon Hodson76620021
Nitsan Perach741000021
James Rudd76440021
Nigelh  84620020
Tony Smith84620020
James Brown94204019
Steve Butterwood54820019
Jason Ives78220019
Miles Moss82243019
Tony Butcher92421018
Nick Jackson64440018
Chris Law44226018
Andrew Wood54423018
Jimbo  46403017
Matt Bell62423017
Neil Blackburn64223017
Christopher Laishley42623017
Stuart Smith46223017
Lee Woodcok92060017
Jim Wyatt44423017
Chesney Hawkes86020016
Sam Ryley54240015
John Byrne74201014
Dave Larder64040014
Andy Lidgard62420014
Adam Caseley24223013
Neill ODonnell42403013
Paul Tacey42223013
Iowa Mariner52220011
Heeno  30223010
Alex Hilton 22420010
Mat Winn42220010
Handsome_B Wonderful42400010
Japers  3240009
Todd Bontoft3420009
Steven Cook3222009
Paul Holmes2402008
Jim Lee3200308
Chris Parkes1202308
Damien Scott2402008
Brazilnut  3040007
Gary Clarke2022006
Alex Fraser4200006
Paul Savage2220006
Wayne Spall2202006
Daz The Tank2220006
Richard Hawkins1202005
Natasha Pequena2002004
Brett  1200003
Nick Bagshaw1200003
Chris Clark1200003
John Farr1200003
Nigel Fisher1200003
Steve Gladwin1200003
Dave Braddock2000002
BrMarin  1000001
Paul Sankey1000001

Key to column names

  • P - POM entered
  • O - Outcome
  • F - Correct Grimsby score
  • A - Correct Opposition score
  • F - Correct Grimsby score
  • S - Correct 1st Grimsby scorer
  • N - Nostradamus bonus

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