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Beat the Bookies (Summer): Week 1

By: Rob Sedgwick
Date: 31/05/2012

WELL the regular football season of Beat the Bookies did just that. The total profit for the season was just under 60 quid, around 6 times the level stake of a tenner. League Two was the biggest area of success - making a £200 profit. The Premier League was the least successful - a loss of £170 was recorded.

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Anyway, with so much sport around this summer we thought we might as well continue the series betting on whatever takes place each weekend.

Rugby League

  • Salford v Catalans Dragons - home win (3.53, Pinnacle). Catalans Dragons just don't travel, their recent form is poor, and Salford had a terrific result at the weekend.


  • French Open Winner - David Ferrer (EW) (41, Bodog). There's little value outside of the Big 3 and on clay Ferrer is not far behind them.
  • French Open Winner - Angnieska Radwnanska (14, Youwin). She might not be the strongest player but clay suits her game and she's starting to win tournaments after a few years of doing well except against the very top players - that now looks to have changed.

    Previous Fixed Odds Bets (1 or 2 bets, around £10 per week each of Rob's own money)

    25/05Cheltenham v Crewe - Under 2.5 Goals1.84£8.40
    25/05Huddersfield v Sheff Utd - Under 2.5 goals1.83£8.33
    17/05West Ham v Blackpool - Under 2.5 Goals2.08£-10.00
    17/05Bayern Munich v Chelsea - away win4.00£-10.00
    11/05Man City v QPR - draw or away win6.70£-10.00
    11/05Sheffield Utd v Stevenage - Under 2.5 goals1.87£8.70
    11/05Dartford vs Welling United - Under 2.5 Goals2.18£11.80
    04/05Chelsea v Liverpool - Chelsea win2.66£16.60
    04/05Newcastle v Man City - home win5.20£-10.00
    27/04West Brom v Villa - away win2.15£-10.00
    27/04West Ham v Hull - away win8.20£-10.00
    27/04Sheffield Utd v Stevenage - away win4.43£-10.00
    27/04Grimsby v Southport - draw3.62£-10.00
    27/04Chelmsford v Woking - over 4.5 goals5.25£42.50
    20/04Woking v Truro - away win8.00£-10.00
    20/04Hereford v Northampton - home win2.50£-10.00
    20/04MK Dons v Sheffield Utd - home win2.86£18.60
    20/04Reading v Crystal Palace - away win10.00£-10.00
    13/04Birmingham v Bristol City - away win7.69£-10.00
    13/04Cheltenham v Accrington Stanley - away win5.30£-10.00
    13/04Wrexham v Grimsby - home win1.91£-10.00
    13/04Tottenham v Chelsea - draw3.40£-10.00
    13/04Swansea v Blackburn - away win4.14£-10.00
    06/04Braintree Town v Luton - home win4.20£32.00
    06/04Cheltenham v Barnet - away win5.00£-10.00
    06/04Barnsley v West Ham - home win5.50£-10.00
    06/04Liverpool v Aston Villa - away win9.00£-10.00
    30/03Tottenham v Swansea - away win10.00£-10.00
    30/03Hull v Coventry - away win5.71£47.10
    30/03Accrington Stanley v Afc Wimbledon - away win3.60£-10.00
    30/03Grimsby Town v Kidderminster Harriers - away win3.80£28.00
    23/03Fleetwood Town v Mansfield - away win5.00£-10.00
    23/03Bradford City v Gillingham - away win2.80£-10.00
    23/03Yeovil v Hartlepool - away win2.25£12.25
    23/03Stoke v Manchester City - home win6.41£-10.00
    23/03Luton v Grimsby - away win3.90£-10.00
    16/03Southport v Stockport - away win5.00£-10.00
    16/03Birmingham v Middlesbrough - away win4.33£-10.00
    16/03Hartlepool v Stevenage - home win2.88£-10.00
    16/03Hereford v Southend - home win3.60£-10.00
    16/03Bath City v Lincoln City - home win2.62£16.20
    16/03Liverpool v Stoke - away win3.99£-10.00
    09/03Bristol City v Cardiff - home win3.30£-10.00
    09/03Brentford v Sheffield Utd - home win2.90£-10.00
    09/03Macclesfield v Crawley - home win (draw no bet)3.75£0.00
    09/03Lincoln City v Alfreton Town - away win3.60£26.00
    09/03Havant & Waterlooville v Woking - home win4.75£-10.00
    02/03Fulham v Wolverhampton - away win6.80£-10.00
    02/03Hereford v AFC Wimbledon - away win2.95£-10.00
    02/03Grimsby v Braintree Town - away win6.20£-10.00
    02/03Woking v Maidenhead - away win8.75£77.50
    24/02Brighton v Ipswich - away win3.25£-10.00
    24/02Notts County v Chesterfield - away win4.33£-10.00
    24/02Sheff Wed v Sheffield Utd - home win2.75£17.50
    24/02Rotherham v Bristol Rovers - away win4.30£33.00
    24/02Lincoln City v AFC Telford - away win3.50£-10.00
    24/02Grimsby v York - away win3.10£21.00
    16/02Southampton v Derby - away win (draw no bet)5.80£-10.00
    16/02Sheffield Utd v Preston - away win (draw no bet)5.50£-10.00
    16/02York v Stockport - away win (draw no bet)5.50£-10.00
    16/02Chelsea v Birmingham - away win12.00£-5.00
    16/02Everton v Blackpool - away win8.00£-5.00
    16/02Sunderland v Arsenal - home win3.05£10.25
    16/02Crawley v Stoke - home win3.75£-5.00
    16/02Stevenage v Tottenham - home win (draw no bet)9.50£-5.00
    16/02Liverpool v Brighton - away win15.57£-5.00
    10/02Tottenham v Newcastle - away win (draw no bet)6.00£-10.00
    10/02Reading v Coventry - away win8.00£-10.00
    10/02Port Vale v Crewe - away win4.00£0.00
    10/02Macclesfield v Plymouth - away win3.25£0.00
    10/02Forest Green v Luton - away win2.15£0.00
    03/02Man City v Fulham - away win14.00£-5.00
    03/02Man City v Fulham - draw or away win3.80£-5.00
    03/02Cheltenham v AFC Wimbledon - away win5.25£0.00
    03/02West Ham v Millwall - away win6.70£-10.00
    03/02Oxford Utd v Barnet - away win5.00£0.00
    03/02York v Ebbsfleet United - away win6.00£0.00
    27/01QPR v Chelsea - draw4.13£-10.00
    27/01Reading v Bristol City - away win5.00£-10.00
    27/01Hull v Crawley - Draw or Away Win2.00£10.00
    27/01Brentford v Wycombe - away win5.00£-10.00
    27/01Grimsby v AFC Telford - Draw or Away Win2.75£-10.00
    20/01Southport v Luton - away win2.20£-10.00
    20/01Morecambe-Torquay - away win2.90£19.00
    20/01Gillingham v AFC Wimbledon - away win5.25£42.50
    20/01Reading v Hull - away win4.00£30.00
    20/01Fulham v Newcastle - away win4.10£-10.00
    13/01Grimsby v Hornchurch - away win7.50£-10.00
    13/01Port Vale v AFC Wimbledon - away win4.00£30.00
    13/01Brighton v Bristol City - away win3.25£-10.00
    13/01Chelsea v Sunderland - away win9.00£-10.00
    06/01Burton Albion v Accrington Stanley - away win3.20£22.00
    06/01Alfreton v Grimsby - home win2.94£-10.00
    06/01West Brom v Cardiff - away win4.85£-10.00
    06/01Reading v Stevenage - away win7.00£60.00
    06/01Fleetwood v Blackpool - home win4.50£-10.00
    06/01Peterborough n Sunderland - away win2.00£10.00
    29/12Liverpool v Newcastle - away win7.12£-10.00
    29/12Scunthorpe v Chesterfield - away win4.17£-10.00
    29/12Crawley Town v Barnet - away win11.00£-10.00
    29/12Tamworth v Alfreton - away win3.40£-10.00
    24/12Liverpool v Blackburn - away win15.01£-10.00
    24/12Southampton v Crystal Palace - away win7.82£-10.00
    24/12Huddersfield v Chesterfield - away win9.00£-10.00
    24/12Crawley Town v Gillingham - away win6.54£55.40
    24/12Gateshead v Darlington - away win3.88£-10.00
    16/12Oxford Utd v Northampton - away win5.00£-10.00
    16/12Cardiff v Middlesbrough - away win3.75£27.50
    16/12Tottenham v Sunderland - away win10.00£-10.00
    09/12Man Utd v Wolves - draw6.70£-10.00
    09/12Bradford v Plymouth - away win4.62£-10.00
    09/12Grimsby v Darlo - away win3.40£19.00
    01/12Sutton Utd v Notts Co - away win6.11£-10.00
    01/12York v Kettering- away win14.00£-10.00
    01/12Palace v Derby- away win3.59£-10.00
    25/11Chelsea v Wolverhampton - away win15.00£-10.00
    25/11Hartlepool v Yeovil - away win4.00£30.00
    25/11Burton v AFC Wimbledon - away win3.00£-10.00
    25/11Kettering v Grimsby - away win2.50£15.00
    16/11Torquay v Plymouth - away win6.00£10.00
    16/11Millwall v Bristol C - away win5.25£42.50
    16/11Spurs v Villa - away win7.17£-10.00
    11/11Maidenhead v Aldershot - home win5.00£-10.00
    11/11Plymouth v Stourbridge - away win9.00£-10.00
    11/11Port Vale v Grimsby - away win7.00£-10.00
    04/11Burton Albion v Macclesfield - away win4.46£-10.00
    04/11Notts County v Wycombe - away win5.62£-10.00
    04/11Peterborough v Derby - away win4.03£-10.00
    04/11Bolton v Stoke - away win3.25£-10.00
    28/10Doncaster v Coventry - away win3.25£-10.00
    28/10Chelsea v Arsenal - away win6.00£50.00
    21/10Middlesbrough v Derby - away win5.40£-10.00
    21/10Bolton v Sunderland - away win3.50£25.00
    21/10Bradford v Northampton - away win3.30£-10.00
    14/10Braintree Town v Bath City - away win4.00£-10.00
    14/10Dagenham v Plymouth - away win5.50£45.00
    14/10Sheffield Utd v Sheff Wed - away win3.80£-10.00
    14/10Brighton v Hull - away win3.50£-10.00
    07/10Kidderminster v Luton - away win2.25£12.50
    07/10Morecambe v AFC Wimbledon - away win3.75£27.50
    30/09Blackburn v Man City - home win6.50£-10.00
    30/09Stevenage v Scunthorpe - home win2.40£-10.00
    30/09Crawley v Plymouth - away win10.50£-10.00
    30/09Wrexham v Ebbsfleet - away win6.00£-10.00
    30/09Blackpool v Bristol City - away win5.00£-10.00
    23/09Coventry v Reading - home win3.25£-10.00
    23/09Scunthorpe v Yeovil - away win5.40£-10.00
    23/09Bradford v AFC Wimbledon - away win3.60£26.00
    23/09Tamworth v Stockport - away win3.30£-10.00
    16/09Wolves v QPR - home win2.00£-10.00
    16/09Hull v Portsmouth - home win2.30£13.00
    16/09Sheffield Utd v Colchester - home win1.85£8.50
    16/09Bristol Rovers v Aldershot - away win3.40£24.00
    16/09Kidderminster v Alfreton - away win5.75£-10.00
    09/09Cambridge Utd v Forest Green - home win2.15£-10.00
    09/09Wolverhampton v Tottenham - home win3.10£-10.00
    09/09Blackpool v Ipswich - away win4.50£-10.00
    09/09Bournemouth v Chesterfield - home win2.10£-10.00
    09/09Crewe v Barnet - home win2.10£11.00
    02/09Southport v AFC Telford - away win2.62£-10.00
    02/09Crawley v Bristol Rovers - away win5.00£-10.00
    02/09Stevenage v Rochdale - home win1.95£9.50
    26/08Liverpool v Bolton - home win1.44£4.40
    26/08Crystal Palace v Blackpool - home win2.75£-10.00
    26/08Sheff Wed v Scunthorpe - home win2.05£10.50
    26/08Macclesfield v AFC Wimbledon - away win2.75£-10.00
    26/08Cambridge v Hayes & Yeading - home win1.73£7.30
    19/08Reading v Barnsley - away win6.50£55.00
    19/08Charlton v Scunthorpe - home win1.80£-10.00
    19/08Port Vale v Accrington - away win4.00£-10.00
    19/08Newport v Grimsby - home win2.00£-10.00
    19/08Bolton v Man City - home win5.00£-10.00
    11/08Newcastle v Arsenal - home win4.33£-10.00
    11/08Darlington v Braintree Town - away win6.40£-10.00
    11/08Dagenham v AFC Wimbledon - away win3.50£25.00
    11/08Sheffield Utd v Brentford - home win2.10£11.00
    11/08Cardiff v Bristol City - away win5.50£-10.00
    Premier Total £-170.60
    Champ Total £-24.90
    L1 Total £4.88
    L2 Total £198.80
    BSP Total £-83.00
    BSS Total £111.80
    Cups Total £21.85
    Grand Total £58.83

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