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Charlotte Independence v Charleston Battery Head to Head

League Table (Combined)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Indy Eleven540194+512
2Saint Louis FC430163+39
3FC Tampa Bay Rowdies422064+28
4Birmingham Legion321062+47
5Pittsburgh Riverhounds4202104+66
6New York Red Bulls II420274+36
7Charleston Battery320152+36
8Hartford Athletic220042+26
9Charlotte Independence211043+14
10Louisville City FC310224-23
11Memphis 9014022611-52
12Loudoun United101000+01
13Carolina Railhawks201123-11
14Atlanta United II401338-51
15Bethlehem Steel FC4013314-111
16Swope Park Rangers200224-20
17Miami FC100114-30
League Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Saint Louis FC220051+46
2Indy Eleven220041+36
3Birmingham Legion211041+34
4FC Tampa Bay Rowdies211043+14
5Charleston Battery210142+23
6Hartford Athletic110032+13
7New York Red Bulls II310223-13
8Atlanta United II201123-11
9Memphis 901201146-21
10Bethlehem Steel FC3012111-101
11Charlotte Independence000000+00
12Loudoun United000000+00
13Miami FC000000+00
14Swope Park Rangers100112-10
15Carolina Railhawks100101-10
16Pittsburgh Riverhounds100101-10
17Louisville City FC200214-30
League Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Pittsburgh Riverhounds3201103+76
2Indy Eleven320153+26
3Charlotte Independence211043+14
4FC Tampa Bay Rowdies211021+14
5New York Red Bulls II110051+43
6Birmingham Legion110021+13
7Charleston Battery110010+13
8Hartford Athletic110010+13
9Louisville City FC110010+13
10Saint Louis FC210112-13
11Carolina Railhawks101022+01
12Loudoun United101000+01
13Memphis 901201125-31
14Bethlehem Steel FC100123-10
15Swope Park Rangers100112-10
16Miami FC100114-30
17Atlanta United II200215-40
Full League Table
Form Table (Last 6)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Pittsburgh Riverhounds6510182+1616
2Reno 1868 FC65102310+1316
3Louisville City FC6510143+1116
4Charleston Battery6510124+816
5Sacramento Republic6510137+616
6El Paso Locomotive6510105+516
7San Antonio FC6501167+915
8Phoenix Rising6411177+1013
9New Mexico United6411105+513
10FC Tampa Bay Rowdies640294+512
11Charlotte Independence6402118+312
12La Galaxy II64021313+012
13Hartford Athletic6312913-410
14Birmingham Legion6222139+48
15San Diego Loyal622276+18
16Saint Louis FC6222911-28
17Austin Bold61411414+07
18Indy Eleven621358-37
19Bethlehem Steel FC6213913-47
20Miami FC6213613-77
21New York Red Bulls II62041212+06
22Real Monarchs SLC620489-16
23Tulsa Roughnecks6132810-26
24Swope Park Rangers62041013-36
25Carolina Railhawks6204612-66
26Atlanta United II6114912-34
27Colorado Switchbacks6042711-44
28Orange County SC6114510-54
29Las Vegas Lights FC61141016-64
30Oklahoma City Energy604229-74
31Seattle Sounders II6105912-33
32Portland Timbers II6105920-113
33Memphis 9016024712-52
34Loudoun United6024615-92
35Rio Grande Valley FC Toros6015715-81
Form Table (Last 10)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1San Antonio FC107212410+1423
2Louisville City FC10721185+1323
3Sacramento Republic10721158+723
4Pittsburgh Riverhounds10712276+2122
5Reno 1868 FC107122613+1322
6FC Tampa Bay Rowdies10712175+1222
7Hartford Athletic107122017+322
8Charleston Battery10631178+921
9Phoenix Rising106222612+1420
10New Mexico United106221913+620
11El Paso Locomotive106221814+420
12Birmingham Legion105322111+1018
13La Galaxy II106041621-518
14Charlotte Independence105231716+117
15Saint Louis FC104331213-115
16Tulsa Roughnecks103521312+114
17Orange County SC104241011-114
18Indy Eleven10415811-313
19Carolina Railhawks104151015-513
20New York Red Bulls II104062221+112
21San Diego Loyal10334910-112
22Austin Bold102532223-111
23Real Monarchs SLC103161316-310
24Swope Park Rangers103161317-410
25Miami FC102351023-139
26Las Vegas Lights FC102261622-68
27Oklahoma City Energy10154617-118
28Seattle Sounders II102171720-37
29Memphis 901101451219-77
30Bethlehem Steel FC102171231-197
31Colorado Switchbacks100551321-85
32Atlanta United II101271019-95
33Loudoun United10127924-155
34Rio Grande Valley FC Toros100371020-103
35Portland Timbers II101091034-243
Form Table (Home)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Phoenix Rising6600255+2018
2Louisville City FC6510122+1016
3San Antonio FC6510145+916
4Reno 1868 FC6501198+1115
5Charleston Battery6501125+715
6El Paso Locomotive6501149+515
7FC Tampa Bay Rowdies6420124+814
8Sacramento Republic6420149+514
9Pittsburgh Riverhounds6411184+1413
10Hartford Athletic6411139+413
11Saint Louis FC632197+211
12Charlotte Independence6321109+111
13Loudoun United63121612+410
14Seattle Sounders II6312117+410
15Swope Park Rangers631295+410
16Austin Bold63121411+310
17New Mexico United6231108+29
18Orange County SC623143+19
19Indy Eleven630368-29
20La Galaxy II63031014-49
21Birmingham Legion6222109+18
22Las Vegas Lights FC6222109+18
23San Diego Loyal621357-27
24Bethlehem Steel FC6213915-67
25New York Red Bulls II620498+16
26Real Monarchs SLC620479-26
27Tulsa Roughnecks613269-36
28Carolina Railhawks520348-46
29Memphis 9016123610-45
30Miami FC5122511-65
31Colorado Switchbacks604268-24
32Oklahoma City Energy604239-64
33Rio Grande Valley FC Toros6114815-74
34Atlanta United II6024510-52
35Portland Timbers II6006919-100
Form Table (Away)
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1Reno 1868 FC6411136+713
2Louisville City FC6411105+513
3New Mexico United6411105+513
4La Galaxy II64111310+313
5Pittsburgh Riverhounds6402153+1212
6Birmingham Legion6321124+811
7San Antonio FC6321126+611
8San Diego Loyal632174+311
9FC Tampa Bay Rowdies631284+410
10Sacramento Republic531142+210
11Charlotte Independence63121110+110
12Carolina Railhawks631298+110
13Charleston Battery623175+29
14Tulsa Roughnecks623187+19
15Orange County SC6303910-19
16Real Monarchs SLC630389-19
17Phoenix Rising6222118+38
18Indy Eleven622276+18
19Austin Bold61411313+07
20New York Red Bulls II62041315-26
21El Paso Locomotive613225-36
22Colorado Switchbacks61231116-55
23Oklahoma City Energy6123512-75
24Atlanta United II6114712-54
25Swope Park Rangers6114814-64
26Saint Louis FC611439-64
27Miami FC5113512-74
28Loudoun United6114514-94
29Seattle Sounders II6105912-33
30Hartford Athletic6105420-163
31Portland Timbers II6105724-173
32Rio Grande Valley FC Toros6024511-62
33Memphis 9016024815-72
34Las Vegas Lights FC6015816-81
35Bethlehem Steel FC6015421-171
Charlotte Independence Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over
Charleston Battery Over/Under (last 6 months)
Goals Over Under % Over

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