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Cod Widow's Diary Week 16

By: Chez Osborne
Date: 22/01/2001

Tues 16th Jan. Another week with saddo. Rather a bad start to the week I'm afraid. Poor poor sadman has been having awful trouble with an ear infection and toothache at the same time. I know I should sympathise, it really is painful, but I can't.

It reminds me of all the pain I get from him droning on about how crap the Town were against Crewe, we should have easily have won it he croaks. Well I've lost interest already sadtwat. It's Tuesday afternoon and you should have got over it by now. The game that is, after all, there is another game tonight isn't there?

Wed 17th Jan

Look sadman, shut the f*** up, I don't care 2 hoots what the score was or who you played,so you lost, so what. Wanna come shopping? (he's gone all quiet in the corner now......w****r). I don't have to listen to your whinging all day do I? I am not Lennie bleedin Lawrence and I don't have any idea when you will win again.

Christ............he's getting right on my tits, look sadtwat, ring the Samaritans will you, (I think its razor blade time after last night's game), or you would think so the way he's carrying on. Look on the bright side I tell him, at least you never wasted your money did you? (he's still got ear and tooth trouble you see, so he couldn't go out). Anyway, I'm off shopping now, I need the therapy. Had enough of him already today and its only lunch time.

Thurs 18th Jan

Why oh why oh why did I choose sadman, of all the blokes in the world? Well I don't know either. Reckon I must have sinned when I was a kid to get lumbered with this sad git all these years.

There was no footie last night so I expected a quiet night on the 'Town are in trouble' front. Did I get it? Did I heck as like. The saddo went in the Fishy chat room with some other poor lost souls to discuss the latest non-happenings at BP. The outcome? No idea, I lost interest as soon as he logged on. Let me make something clear, if I haven't already that is, I have no real interest in 'The Town' other than to see my err.. 'man' be happy. Which isn't very often of late I can tell you. I only go to 3 matches every 2 years so I am not prepared to talk about Town for 24 hours a day......YOU GOT THAT SADMAN??????.

Scared Sadman Well today might be different, I have been walking round the house making daft noises, hehehe. Been making drilling and squelching and ouchy sort of noises. Sadman finally got in to the dentist, only a couple of hours to go and he's petrified already.........whirrrrrrrr whirrrrrrrrr, now this is sweet revenge, hahahahahaha. I think I have at last found a way to stop him talking about Town........errr Nicko darling, is the dentist a Town fan? Ahhhhh, his face is like a rainbow, it started with green and finished with a sort of reddish blue colour. But at least he's quiet, he's not even groaning with the pain. Must have struck a 'nerve' there saddo, hehehehehe.

Fri 19th Jan

Sadman's never happy. Ear has cooled down, the tooth is sorted so what's his problem? Took the dentist quite a while to get it out (the tooth) his face is swollen and sore. Won't be able to write much today because I'm waiting for the right time to smack him round the chops. Won't do it too hard cos I would hate to see a sadman cry......hahahhaha. Well I thought it was funny. Got to be here to see it I suppose.

Sat 20th Jan

Matchday. Nicko is up and away early, still in pain but is taking his mate with him to the game. Going on the GTHSC bus so it's an early start. Doesn't come home till 9-OOpm ish so it's my first free day this week. No point in writing much more, unless you want to hear about a day with out sadman? Thought not.

One serious point though.Saddo went on the GTHSC bus. He says it was a fantastic day and thinks he will write a feature for the fishy on a day with GTHSC. Let me know on the MB if you'd like to see/hear it. Seems a good idea to me but its up to you. Let me know.

Cya next week,


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