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Cod Widow's Diary Week 24

By: Chez Osborne
Date: 19/03/2001

MON 12TH MARCH. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. What a result on Saturday. Now don't think I'm gloating because I'm not. The thing is, when the girls were younger sadman used to tell them bedtime stories, only he used to add bits of his own to them.

The poor little cherubs could hardly sleep some nights thanks to him. Anyway ,a question to all you saddo's out there.............who's afraid of the big bad Wolves? Looks to me like they huffed and they puffed and they blew your team down. (hahaha - sorry I couldn't help myself there.)

Tues 13th March

Its matchday and sadtwat has got a real problem. Does he go to the game or does he go to parents evening at school? would think the world was going to end judging by the time he took to decide. It's not that difficult a choice is it? He chose school using some unknown logic of is own. He reckons if its ok for a certain Mr SWIN to attend bleedin stamp fares on matchday, then it's ok for him to go to school. Stamp fares? Must be like watching town eh swin? You know, always getting licked (I can hear the groans, but it made me chuckle). Anyway, he didn't dare miss school, our youngest has been asking him for 2 weeks if he will be able to make it. I don't think he wanted to disappoint her. (He must be going soft in his old age, he even worked all day without a break so he could make it)

Wed 14th March

Good result for the boys last night. That's all he has said all day so far. He really is getting sadder, not only that but he's getting on my wick again. Why can't he buy a paper to read the reports? No, not sadtwat, he spent most of today ringing me from work to read the match reports on the net. See what I mean, even you lot have to admit that's taking it a bit too far. As its been a bit quiet on the footie and sadman front I have decided to have the rest of the week off. Any complaints should be made in writing to sadman and not me. ok.

Sat 17th March

Matchday again, and what's sadman's pre match warm up? Well the soft gits gone out on a fuel protest. God knows where he got that idea from, he just woke up and said I'm off cya. I don't bother listening to him anymore, it's not worth it.

He managed to get most of the match in the chat room before we got invaded by visitors. He thinks I invite them round on purpose when there's a match on. Honest sadman, I don't (hehehehe). Well, I've had enough of this drivel for now so I'm off.

Cya next week.


It's that 'did I really say that moment'.

Night out in Nunny This weeks effort has got to be by Rob who got arrested on the way to the ground for the QPR game for being drunk and disorderly. What did he say? He said..............................."excuuuuushme occiffer, wersh the ground southern puff for a copper". Not the best way to get directions is it Rob?

Enjoy the game from the cells did you? Hahahahahhahahahahaha.

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