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Danny Andrew2,681
Omar Bogle2,343
Luke Summerfield2,256
James McKeown2,145
Danny Collins1,763
Brandon Comley1,734
Shaun Pearson1,724
Zak Mills1,683
Josh Gowling1,628
Ben Davies1,535
Kayden Jackson1,531

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3Up - 3Down Comp Results

By: Bill Osborne
Date: 10/06/2004

SUPER BBB101 is the winner of the 3Up - 3Down competition with Ipswin running a close second. See how you fared! Full results below.

Remember the rules?

"You will get 1 point for each correct position. Plus an extra 2 points for correct finishing position for Town. Plus an extra 2 points for correct points total for Town."

Name 3 Up Points 3 Down Points Total
Grapefruit QPR   Wrexham    
  Oldham   Peterborough    
  Grimsby   Chesterfield    
Nicko Grimsby   Blackpool    
  QPR 1 Chesterfield   1
  Plymouth   Notts County    
MarinerBH Bristol City   Hartlepool    
  Sheffield Wed   Port Vale    
  QPR   Chesterfield    
Harry_Haddock QPR   Colchester    
  Sheffield Wed   Chesterfield    
  Bournemouth   Notts Co.    
Sheffield_Mariner Sheffield Wed   Stockport    
  Bristol City   Luton    
  Brighton   Chesterfield    
Mikey_gtfc Bristol City   Chesterfield    
  QPR 1 Oldham   1
  Grimsby   Barnsley    
Garforth_Mariner QPR   Oldham    
  Bristol   Wycombe    
  Grimsby   Chesterfield    
TeesinYork Bristol City   Brentford    
  Sheffield Wed   Notts County 1 1
  QPR   Chesterfield    
Alan_buckleys_dad QPR   Plymouth    
  Grimsby Town   Brighton    
  Tranmere Rovers   Hartlepool    
Marinerbob Grimsby   Barnsley    
  Bristol City   Oldham    
  QPR   Chesterfield    
LugzMcPie Plymouth 1 Barnsley   1
  Bristol City   Wrexham    
  Colchester   Brentford    
Knares_mariner Bristol City   Oldham    
  Tranmere   Chesterfield    
  Plymouth   Luton    
RikH QPR   Luton    
  Grimsby   Oldham    
  Plymouth   Hartlepool    
Mullet_mariner7 Sheffield Wed   Oldham    
  Grimsby Town   Chesterfield    
  Bristol City 1 Hartlepool   1
Mister X QPR   Chestefield    
  Bristol   Wycombe    
  Plymouth   Hartlepool    
Kevinblyth Bristol City   Notts County    
  Grimsby   Hartlepools    
  Barnsley   Oldham    
Smithy_gtfc Grimsby Town   Hartlepools    
  Bristol City   Bournemouth    
  Sheff Wed   Oldham    
IanF74 Bristol City   Brighton    
  Tranmere   Chesterfield    
  Blackpool   Wycombe 1 1
Doggy Sheff Wed   Wrexham    
  GrimsbyTown   Tranmere    
  Barnsley   Swindon    
The_Fish QPR   Wycombe    
  Brighton   Colchester    
  Bristol City 1 Chesterfield   1
Nickjack Bristol City   Port Vale    
  Tranmere   Barnsley    
  QPR   Chesterfield    
Stgeorge79 QPR   Barnsley    
  Grimsby   Wycombe    
  Bristol City 1 Chesterfield   1
TonyB Bristol City   Luton    
  Sheff Wed   Hartlepools    
  Barnsley   Chesterfield    
Pomanjou QPR   Luton    
  Bristol City   Stockport    
  Sheffield Wed   Wrexham    
Thederbymariner Bristol City   Stockport    
  Grimsby   Luton    
  Blackpool   Oldham    
Mariners1 Bristol City   Oldham    
  QPR 1 Hartlepools   1
  Tranmere   Chesterfield    
Thelonewolf QPR   Hartlepools    
  Bristol City   Chesterfield    
  Tranmere   Port Vale    
Splodge QPR   Brentford    
  Bristol City   Wycombe    
  Tranmere   Chesterfield    
Herbet Bristol City   Wycombe    
  Grimsby   Chesterfield    
  Sheff Wed   Yeovil    
Mattbell QPR   Notts County    
  Sheff Wed   Colchester    
  Grimsby   Chesterfield    
BIGChris Bristol City   Hartlepool    
  Sheff Wed   Brentford    
  Plymouth   Oldham    
Grimsby_Town_FC Bristol City   Peterborough    
  Grimsby Town   Luton    
  Wrexham   Oldham    
gtfc55 Bristol City   Oldham    
  Tranmere   Hartlepool    
  QPR   Wycombe 1 1
jarv05 Bristol City   Wrexham    
  Tranmere Rovers   Chesterfield    
  QPR   Hartlepool    
RyanD1 Grimsby Town   Luton    
  Sheff Wed   Chesterfield    
  Plymouth Argyle   Hartlepool    
O1472 QPR   Plymouth    
  Grimsby   Rushden    
  Sheff Wed   Swindon    
BBB101 Grimsby   Rushden 1 1
  QPR 1 Barnsley   1
  Bristol City 1 Blackpool   1
Alext79gt Sheff Wed   Colchester    
  Brighton   Bournemouth    
  Bristol City 1 Chesterfield   1
USAMariner QPR   Chesterfield    
  Sheff Weds   Bournemouth    
  Barnsley   Colchester    
KentMariner Sheffield Wed   Oldham    
  QPR 1 Colchester   1
  Brighton   Hartlepool    
Pannell_Mariner Bristol City   Notts County    
  Grimsby Town   Chesterfield    
  Sheffield Wed   Barnsley    
Ipswin Sheff Wed   Peterboro    
  QPR 1 Hartlepool   1
  Bristol City 1 Chesterfield   1
BillyTheFrog QPR   Luton    
  Bristol City   Hartlepool    
  Brighton   Chesterfield    
Adam_welch Bristol City   Sheffield Wed    
  QPR 1 Chesterfield   1
  Grimsby   Colchester    
DevonMariner Grimsby Town   Chesterfield    
  Bristol City   Stockport    
  Swindon   Bournemouth    
Jostein Grimsby Town   Colchester    
  Bristol City   Swindon    
  Sheffield Wed   Stockport    
Properbo QPR   Barnsley    
  Bristol City   Sheffield Wed    
  Grimsby   Oldham    
DeanCrombiesPerm QPR   Port Vale    
  Bristol City   Brentford    
  Sheff Wed   Chesterfield    
FishpondsGas Sheff Wed   Chesterfield    
  QPR 1 Bournemouth   1
  Swindon Town   Harlepool    
Mertle Bristol City   Chesterfield    
  Grimsby Town   Oldham    
  Blackpool   Barnsley    
Chiffy Bournemouth   Hartlepools    
  Sheff Wed   Barnsley    
  Rushden   Chesterfield    
Sloughmarinerreturns Brighton   Luton    
  Sheff Wed   Hartlepool    
  Swindon   Notts C    
SteveGTFC Sheffield Wed   Wycombe    
  QPR 1 Colchester   1
  Brighton   Chesterfield    
GuernseyMariner Bristol City   Stockport    
  Grimsby   Hartlepool    
  Tranmere   Barnsley    
Mazziner QPR   Chesterfield    
  Bristol City   Barnsley    
  Brighton   Port Vale    
Chima Bristol City   Wycombe    
  Grimsby Town   Port Vale    
  QPR   Chesterfield    
Robbo_GTFC Bristol City   Port Vale    
  Blackpool   Colchester    
  Tranmere   Hartlepool    
Gollyontheright QPR   Hartlepool    
  Bristol City   Luton Town    
  Rushden   Chesterfield    
Mariner2000 QPR   Brentford    
  Bristol City   Chesterfield    
  Plymouth   Luton    
Mike502 QPR   Stockport    
  Brighton   Chesterfield    
  Rushden & Diamonds   Bournemouth    
Kevan_liz Sheffield Wed   Peterborough    
  Bristol City   Luton    
  Wrexham   Chesterfield    
Psankster QPR   Port Vale    
  Bristol City   Colchester    
  Tranmere Rovers   Chesterfield    
Cleewoodygtfc Bristol City   Notts County    
  Grimsby Town   Brentford    
  Blackpool   Chesterfield    
WezGTFC Q.P.R.   Colchester    
  Bristol City   Port Vale    
  Grimsby   Chesterfield    

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