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Petition #6

By: Rob Sedgwick
Date: 04/08/2000

Jul 17, 2000 1:42:49 Rachel Lofts Immingham UK
I agree with all that has been said.. if those people of Great Coates got off their high horses and actually thought about what they are petitioning against then they may see past their own short sightedness and realise that they could banish football from Grimsby all together and leave the club no choice but to close down.
If they object so much, although i have yet to hear a sound argument then maybe they should suggest an alternative plan, rather than just whinging about the trivial things.

Jul 17, 2000 1:53:19 Adam, Pontoon Whispers The home of the Mighty
I have signed the petition before, but now I have had chance to calm down and reflect on what went on last week, this is my conclusion.
1. 12 people who were likely to vote 'yes' to the project were prevented from doing so because of something to do with Liverpool Football Club.
2. The councillors who voted against the plan should sit and think about what will now happen to the club - no-one knows, but you get the feeling it will be bad.
3. Were the councillors after votes from the Great Coates residents should they stand in the next General Election (Mr DeFraitas)?
4. If another site is found, I can't think that Coca-Cola, the company rumoured to be interested in sponsoring the ground, will be as happy. Just think how many people come along the A180 every day. Is there another road in town which is used as much by a wider group of people? Therefore, the name of the stadium may not be worth quite as much as an advertising medium.
So, it seems we're pretty messed up now as a club. THANKS GUYS!!
What is even worse is that these councillors were more than happy to attend the civic receptions after the two Wembley trips, these particular people should be ashamed!!
We will survive though, we always have done in the past...
Adam, Pontoon Whispers GTFC web site.

Jul 17, 2000 10:05:51 Craven@TFi (FFC) London
Good luck in your push for the stadium.
Can't let these NIMBY's drive us all away from our spiritual homes.

Jul 17, 2000 10:08:11 JamesS (FFC) Preston England
Good Luck with your new ground. ALL football fans would wish you the same.

Jul 17, 2000 10:10:36 Emma Gillingham London UK
I am disgusted and disappointed at this decision. People power will overturn this deecision made by brainless half-wits.

Jul 17, 2000 10:12:46 Zal Den Haag Netherlands
As a Fulham fan, we can empathise totally with this delemna.
We also are facing a very vocal minorities objections & lies during our fight for planning permission.

Jul 17, 2000 10:39:19 Jeff P Ashford
As a football fan (Gills), I say the league needs teams like Grimsby. For red tape to say otherwise is nonsense. Hopefully you will have a chance to vote them out of power and have time to build a new stadia. Best of Luck!!

Jul 17, 2000 11:56:25 Stu Preston England
It's a shame when football clubs have such diffulculty trying to provide an improved amenity for the public of a town or city. Please give planning permission for this development. The plans look superb.

Jul 17, 2000 2:08:23 Brian Thompson GRIMSBY ENGLAND
Do these people know what they have done or infact what they are doing.The people voted them into the offices they hold to be a voice of the people.

Jul 17, 2000 2:10:34 J Chadbon Southend England
I support the proposed new ground proposed by grimbsy town fc. And think that it should be the priority of all local authirities to support there local teams in these kind of situations. Rather than try to hinder there ambitions.

Jul 17, 2000 2:24:36 Damien Scott Grimsby England
Disgusted absolutely disgusted
Obviously the council does not realise that a multi
national multi million pound invester means jobs
revenue and a higher public image.
This is not just a poor decision for the club
but for the whole of the town aswell

Jul 17, 2000 2:28:20 Declan (Fulham fan) Luton UK
A disgraceful decision. Locally the South Beds District Council made a similar decision about an entertainment venue and were shocked when the electorate kicked them out of office in May. Grimsby Football Club are in the blood of their supporters who mustn't forget this betrayal next elections and actively campaign to get rid of these time servers.
I hated you lot when you knocked us out of the play-offs a couple of years ago but I'm right behind you with this new ground plan. Keep fighting for it and best wishes.

Jul 17, 2000 2:28:24 Jon Green Cleethorpes bermuda
I just cannot believe what has happened! It is
an absolutely outrageous decision. Wvaluable revenue for the myriad of traders will also be lost.
What we should do is the next time Town have a big cup game involving say Leeds then put a sign on the A180 directing the away fans to the town's new free car park for football fans - slap bang in the middle of Great Coates!

Jul 17, 2000 2:28:24 Matt Westcott southampton bermuda
I think it is a travesty that 12 people are wiped out of the voting procedure simply because they have been to a football match at Blundell Park. It is the only instance i can think of where such a thing could happen. Imagine if it was for a cinema and councillors werent allowed to vote because they'd once been to the flicks. Ridiculous!
I know im a fan of the club, the logic of the voting system seems totally ludicrous to me. Grimsby is a town dieing on it's feet, the loss of the football club would just make the situation worse. Its not only fans that will lose out, valuable revenue for the myriad of traders will also be lost.
What we should do is the next time Town have a big cup game involving say Leeds then put a sign on the A180 directing the away fans to the town's new free car park for football fans - slap bang in the middle of Great Coates!

Jul 17, 2000 2:32:12 Tracey Scott Grimsby England
As a non football supporter even I can realise that this was the wrong decision not only for the club but for the town aswell.

Jul 17, 2000 2:32:54 steve higgins Cleethorpes Unbelievable. One of the most important decisions in the history of the town has gone against the wishes of the people. Who do these councillors represent? When are the next local elections, these people are not fit to be peoples representatives.

Jul 17, 2000 2:41:40 Lorna Laurent Ulceby England
I am absolutely amazed that the people on the council that are supposed to be looking after the best interests of the people and businesses of the town could make sure a dire mistake. The stadium would have brought much needed revenue into the town and provided many new jobs for the unemployed, I know only to well how difficult it is to get a job in this area and with the amount of recent redundancies from some of the larger companies I am sure it would have been welcomed by many hundreds of people.

Jul 17, 2000 2:44:49 Adam Grimsby
Once upon a time there was a council who were really in favour of building a new stadium for it's local football club who really needed some investment. The stadium was built and a huge company sponsered it. The club became really well known and thrived (once it had paid off the investors which took longer than the fans of the club thought) bringing new supporters to watch the games, and thousands more away team fans too. The name of the club was Grimsby Town, a club that were always laughed at by other teams and their fans. Not any more, because thanks to the council taking public opinion into account the stadium got the go-ahead straight away.

Jul 17, 2000 2:57:35 Danny Burnett GRimsby
This is the way forward for the club and i can't beleive people are standing in the way of that come use your you think man utd and other big clubs got to where they are by not being able to build bigger grounds because of some idiots

Jul 17, 2000 3:15:42 cliff thompson Grimsby England
I too am disgusted at this stupid, selfish attitude of the great Coates "dinasaurs".I live on Wybers Wood and was really looking forward to seeing the Mariners on my doorstep. These people have greatly over reacted to this situation and have stopped dead in it's tracks,a truly great opportunity for this great club to go forward,with good financial backing being lost.


Jul 17, 2000 3:23:30 Trevor Pipe (Trev (Gills)) Gillingham Kent
Come on council, Grimsby will be a much better place if they had a nice, new stadium! They might hold England under-21 games there, and it will put your town FIRMLY on the map.

Jul 17, 2000 3:23:41 Al Vessey Grimsby
This is a disgraceful decision by N.E.Lincs councillors. I hope they get what they deserve at the next elections.

Jul 17, 2000 3:25:45 Andy Lumbard Brackley, Northants UK
It is beyond belief that a democratically elected council has failed to represent the views of those that have elected them. Over 80% of the local electrorate were for this proposal, yet, 69% of the elected vote against it. This appears to be a very short-sighted decision, not only forthe Football Club, but also for the whole regeneration of the leisure facilities for the town. However, what are we to expect from a council that has previously built a swimming pool that is 50 yards long, and so cannot hold national or international events? And a similarly undersized ice rink which also will not attract any national competition?

Jul 17, 2000 3:27:54 Rachael Bell Grimsby England
I am disgusted, how can these people claim to represent the people of Grimsby. They have ruined our football club.

Jul 17, 2000 3:36:51 Julie Hunt Immingham U.K.
It's disgusting that the people we elect to represent us ignore popular opinion to seemingly promote their own agenda.

Jul 17, 2000 3:40:33 sue Grimsby N.E.Lincs
Come on all you Mariners fans can we not organise a meeting outside our Town Hall and let this so called council know that the people of Grimsby have a voice too.

Jul 17, 2000 3:40:58 W.Spall Grimsby
Absolutetly disgraceful, I wonder how many of these 20 supped free champagne in '98 at Wembley and claimed expenses for doing so. When permission was passed for the new cinema in Macauley Street, was any of the councillors asked if they attended on a regular basis, I very much doubt it.

Jul 17, 2000 4:04:51 Richard Young Grimsby England
My letter in tonights telegraph is my point across
Power to the public. We will make a difference

Jul 17, 2000 4:18:13 Paul Tavey grimsby uk
How come Tescos,Morrisons (both of which are built on greenbelt and required alteration to the local plan),that great big monstrosity on the docks and kp`s great coates plant all recieved planning permission despite intense local opposition.Where as GTFC,a big part of the local community,backed by 80% of the local population, is refused?

Jul 17, 2000 4:26:15 Allen Tacey Grimsby uk
I do not believe that our elected councillors who are supposed to represent the people of grimsby can be so out of touch with the majority as to vote against the stadium.

Jul 17, 2000 4:32:27 Simon Edlington Grimsby England
Absolutely devastated.
One more reason to leave this Town.
One more nail in the coffin.

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